How do kids like Dad: Smooth-shaven or tickly with beard?

For this Father?s Day, we?re talking about Team Soft and Team Tickly ? whether your children prefer kisses from Daddy (or Grandpa or favourite Uncle!) to be as smooth as can be or if his facial hair makes them laugh and giggle.

Braun, who sponsored the BritMums Twitter conversation, conducted research with families this Father?s Day, asking them ?How do you show how much they mean to you??, which got us thinking about daddy?s kisses and debate between the #TeamSoft vs #TeamTickly families:

  • 38% of kids don?t give Dad as many as kisses as Mum because of stubble!
  • 73% of kids prefer Dad clean shaven
  • Nearly 40% of kids give Dad a kiss or a hug as a way of showing affection (53% for 6-9 year olds) ? (So we better make sure they?re receiving the best kisses possible!) BUT
  • 73% of kids? favourite thing about Dad?s kisses is that they?re tickly and make them laugh
  • 71% of Dads acknowledge children prefer them clean shaven or with facial hair

@ClaireHarr tweet for #TeamSoft at BritMums

Which Team are you?

At our #TeamTickly #TeamSoft Twitter conversation, you talked about how your children enjoy Daddy?s kisses, whether you are Team Soft or Team Tickly, and about the thought that counts for Father?s Day.

The #TeamSoft #TeamTickly conversation was sponsored by Braun, which is here to help you make the most thoughtful gift choices to celebrate your closest, truest relationships this Father?s Day ? and there is no truer relationship than between a father and their child.

Father?s Day gift ideas

For #TeamSoft, check out the Braun Series 9 Shaver, which makes a kiss with Daddy super smooth on Father?s Day.

For #TeamTickly, the Braun Beard Trimmer keeps those kisses with Daddy giggly and fun.

Bristol Parent for #TeamTickly Braun

What kids think of Daddy?s facial hair

My daughter has just read The Twits and thinks all beards are like Mr Twits?s! @mia_low

It is #TeamSoft for us! My little girl doesn?t like stubble @dr_reenu

My little boy is only 6 but is always asking when he can use daddys shaver on his cheeks lol!! Think hes definitely #teamsoft lol @Tantrums2Smiles

My husband?s beard always makes our daughter giggle! @The_Doves

Mine thought they would ?catch? his beard and get hairy when they kissed him when he grew one @claireharr

Why kids and mums choose #TeamTickly

Squished Blueberries tweet for #TeamTickly chat on BritMums

Squished Blueberries?s view about #TeamTickly

An awesome beard!  @blueberriesblog

A good kissing strategy for the #TeamTickly crowd @BritMums

I?m definitely a #teamtickly girl!! @missielizzieb

We are definitely #TeamTickly and where does the beard end?  @arepopsblog

Love this pic!  @BritMums

Yep when my husband blows raspberries on the kids tummies they are always more tickly with the beard! @Tantrums2Smiles

He looks funny when he does have a shave @kochan_sarah

#TeamTickly is way more fun. Look you can even decorate it for Christmas!!  @missielizzieb

My dad always had a beard when my sisters and I were small and he?d grab our feet and tickle the soles with his beard!! @Babypie10

LuckySammyG tweets for #TeamTickly at BritMums

@LuckySammyG is both #TeamSoft and #TeamTickly

Why kids and parents are #TeamSoft

I?m #TeamSoft ? but Harry?s squeals from raspberries with Daddy?s stubble mean he?s most definitely in #TeamTickly @penjy

My boys run a mile now if anyone mentions kissing but when they were tiny they would have been on #TeamSoft @x2mum

Always #TeamSoft ! Sometimes when dad is #TeamTickly, he doesn?t get kisses from our daughter @dr_reenu

Has to be #Teamsoft. Husband grows stubble in belief he?s going to look rugged, but ends up looking shifty @MummifiedMummy

Here?s a pic after a good shave @kochan_sarah

I forgot to share my one @missielizzieb

See mine love them so much they have their own at certain times of the year @BlueBearWood

Fathers Day and the thought that counts

It?s the thought that counts on Fathers Day ? Hugs, Kisses and a homemade card are popular in our house @laurasidestreet

If you have a dad around to kiss you, you are already very blessed whether #TeamTickly or #TeamSoft @strikingmum

A beard still needs to be tamed and groomed for the best Fathers Day kisses @BritMums

For smooth-shaven Dads check out Braun?s Series 3 shavers for Father?s Day @BritMums

Braun?s Beard Trimmer keeps Dad?s face looking sharp. What?s your man?s status: Beard? Moustache? Goatee? @BritMums

The last words

My husband looks so much younger when he doesn?t have a beard, prefer #teamtickly to #teamsoft @MamaMummyMum

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