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BritMums live world record

How are you feeling today after such a fabulous BritMums Live? Personally I am still not back to normal, I?m still trying to process all of the tips, advice and information I took on board over the two days but I am on such a high, it?s really quite exhausting.

Susanna Scott

Well done to everyone who took part in the Guinness World Record attempt of wrapping the most mummies in three minutes. I wrapped up Susanna Scott, co-founder of BritMums (that?s her above) I wanted to cover her mouth, worried me might be penalised ? No gaps, but she said, ?Mari, I can?t breath!? ?Hold your breath for a minute, we need to win this?. My fall back plan was to resuscitate her if needs be but the bloggers I was wrapping with decided to let her have a hole to breath through and we still won!

BritMums Live moodboards

I made moodboards, I drank wine, I drank more wine at the BiBs party

The Brewery

and I talked knickers with Carol Smillie over more wine and dinner.

Carol SMillie and kKty Hill

I started to knit a cowl for winter and now the twins have asked for one each too.

knitting BritMums Live

I shall be making fajitas very soon and I am dreaming of becoming a Carnival Cruise Fun Seeking family along with the other 600 circa bloggers who attended.

What were your highlights of the weekend? We?d love to hear all about your experience at BritMums HQ. Add your post to the Linky below and we can pop around and read everyone?s BritMums Live experience.

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