I?m leaving on a jet plane ? ensure you don?t forget your top 5 essentials

imageSummers on its way, and with it 58% of us are planning to travel somewhere hot and exotic or an action packed adventure there are a few things we think you shouldn?t leave without.
And whether it?s a long romantic weekend, a relaxing week with the family or a boy?s only getaway there?s always those luxuries and some essentials that you simply have to pack.

image1) Swimwear.
We?ve found this year?s must have, Kiniki have designed the ultimate men?s swimwear with a great fabric that means NO tan lines, yes no white bits !!!

Transol fabric, better known as ?Tan Through? is an exclusive, patented material, developed by Kiniki to allow the suns tanning rays to pass through it, helping you achieve that all over golden glow.

They?ve got styles and colours to suit almost everyone, from trunks, shorts and hipsters and if you?re feeling extra brave there?s even the brief, micro or tanga. And with high street prices you can afford to splash out on a few pairs, or a pair for every beach you lounge on.

image2) Sunglasses.

Now everybody loves a classic Ray Ban, but if you want something that?s going to turn heads this summers?we?ve found it.

Brought to you by Saturday Surf NYC , these Mitsu are the sunglasses made for surfers (and surfers that don?t necessarily surf). These sunglasses handmade in Japan have an amazing rounded frame, which blends together outstanding quality with excellent aesthetic.

They have a range of colours including black, fog, amber and classic tortoiseshell. Along with polarised lenses and an anti-reflective coating, these really are great for any time or place.

image3) Passport.

It may sound obvious but if you are flying out this summer there is one thing that you will definitely need, and that?s a passport, but many people often fail to check that they either haven?t lost it or that it is still in date.

If like most of us you?ve misplaced it?forgot to renew it or your holiday is next month and you realised the forms are still sitting in the kitchen?Don?t panic, we?ve got it covered. Here?s our top list of hints and tips to ensure that you won?t be left stressing out about your Passport before your summer holidays.

If your passport is out of date (but you still have it) you can either use the 3-5 week postal service to renew your passport, or if you need it urgently the Passport Office offer a same-day urgent service.

If you?ve lost your passport or had it stolen ensure that you leave yourself plenty of time before you renew as the renewal process is slightly limited as you are only able to use either the standard 3-5 week service or a fast-track one week service, the same-day service is not available for lost or stolen passports.

If your passport is damaged for example, it?s been put through the washing machine or the dog got hold of it, then you will need to renew it. Don?t try and chance it as the border patrols are often very strict on this issue and even the slightest rip, tear or even peeling pages can get you turned away from your holiday destination. The same-day service is also not available for damaged passports so plan ahead.

Urgent services are available to anyone who wants to renew a passport quickly, but we highly recommend them for those who are travelling in less than 4 weeks.

You can find out more information on passport renewals by visiting The Gov Website or if you would like to use an independent Passport advice service such as the Passport Office  they offer advice and checking services as well as services for urgent passports  if your in a hurry, and can sort all the forms and details out for you.

image4) Sun screen.

If as fed up with the oily, bright white, hard to rub in substances as I am, then I?m sure this will interest. Ultrasun Sports SPF20 sun protector is a speciality sports formula designed to provide high all day protection with just one application, yes just once. The non-greasy, clear liquid is easy to apply and is ideal for all outdoor, watersports and sun bathing enthusiasts. It is especially suitable for use on the scalp, or for thinning/receding hair, not that YOU need to worry about that.

It?s also free from oils, emulsifiers and perfume reducing the risk of allergy. Don?t forget to be safe in the sun, drink plenty of water and take regular breaks in the shade, you hear ?!?!

image5) Carry on luggage.

So once you?ve got all of your essentials, of course you need something to put them all in [EquipTrip] is the website that offers you exactly what you want?a bag that fits everything you need in it, meets all the airlines very strict requirements and it has a global tracking device installed in it, so you?ll always know where it is. And with an estimated 21 million bags being mishandled every year, you?ll be safe in the knowledge of knowing where this bag is.

This bag has so many great features it holds 44L and only weighs 750grams, comes with a 10year warranty that?s automatically upgraded to a whopping 25year warranty free of charge.

As well as being light weight, durable and available in a Varity of colours, it?s also very sleek and stylish. With three separate handles you can also choose the way you want to carry your bag.

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