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Happy new year! Now all the festivities are over, I?m sure lots of you are making your blogging-related resolutions. Perhaps growing and improving your Instagram feed is on your to-do list. I am here with another Instagram round-up which will hopefully inspire you to take a fresh look at your feed and give you a few ideas on the best ways to utilise this powerful social media tool. 

I have just signed up to the Insta-Retreat a free 7 day course from Sara Tasker of @me_and_orla. Sara?s Instagram is utterly breathtaking as is her blog Me and Orla. She has grown her account from 0 to a staggering 115 thousand followers in less than two years. If you are looking to grow, improve and hone your skills on Instagram then this is the e-course for you. 

You have probably spotted Instagrammers showcasing their ?best nine? posts from 2015 with a great online tool that helps you reflect on your most liked images. It?s also interesting to see what type of posts your audience like to see, mine are (all but one) of my youngest, Rose, the older two kids don?t get a look in! You can input your details at 2015 best nine and the site will calculate your top nine images from the past year and count up all your likes too. 

Instagram is very user-friendly and a fantastic social medium for showing personal images and every day snippets of life or you may choose to use Instagram as an extension of your blog. I really enjoyed this post from Laura at Life with Baby Kicks who has expressed her new-found love of photography and describes how she uses Instagram to help build an engaged social media presence. 

If you?re thinking of taking a new approach to Instagram this year a decision you might need to make is whether to ?stage? your images or not. It is a contentious topic and one I?ve summed up in this post: The pretty/fake Instagram debate. 

For those of you that ask your long-suffering husbands (or wives) to help you along with your Insta snaps you must watch this video that has recently gone viral. It is ridiculously funny and scarily accurate! 

Finally, to finish each Round-up off each month I will be picking out my top Instagrammers to follow, hopefully, you will find their feeds as inspirational as I do.

Here are my top 5 favourite Instagrammers for December:

  1. @me_and_orla is top of my list for her dreamy pictures and excellent resources
  2. @niltiment a brilliant account by Toby Storie-Pugh, who is a friend of my husband. Toby is an explorer who does amazing charity work. He is setting out to walk the Congo River this year. If you are an adventurer then you will love this.
  3. @mydearestdarlings is my newest discovery, I adore Georgina?s feed. Full of flower crowns and pretty dresses, so basically all my favourite things in one place. Just perfection.
  4. @ohsoamelia I?ve been following Kerry?s gorgeous account for a long while. I am redecorating at the moment and can easily lose myself looking through her stunning images. I?ve just painted my bedroom arctic white thanks to a bit of monochrome inspiration! 
  5. @mummydaddyme is another blogger and Instagrammer I?ve admired since the early days. Katie is a super talented photographer and the pictures of her girls never fail to put a smile on my face. 

That?s my Instagram round-up for this month. Do get in touch with me on Twitter or Facebook if you?ve written about Instagram on your blogs or you have an account that you?d love to share. 

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