“It’s like a scene from W1A…”


“It’s like a scene from BBC comedy W1A” …actually, hang on, this really is a scene from W1A.

There has been a lot of criticism of the BBC in the papers this week and it seems when doing so it is now obligatory for all journalists to liken absolutely everything to a scene from BBC comedy W1A

Take the BBC running free training courses for disabled people who want to be weather presenters, for example. “Some have likened the decision to the BBC?s own spoof comedy W1A,” reports the Telegraph, while the Daily Mail says such a “‘box-ticking exercise’ sounds like a story line from the BBC’s own spoof comedy W1A”. Mail columnist Richard Littlejohn adds that it “is straight out of the BBC’s own, self-parodying series W1A” and the Express suggested such initiatives “mirror onscreen comedy W1A”. The Times meanwhile declared: “It could be a plot straight out of the BBC’s self-parodying show W1A” and an unnamed source told The Sun “W1A is meant to be a parody, not a documentary”.

That latter quote bore a striking resemblance to another quote obtained by The Sun earlier in the week, when a critic of BBC outsourcing costs told the paper: “W1A is supposed to be a comedy, not a fly-on-the-wall documentary”.

And what about the BBC changing its staff appraisal processes? “The BBC has aped its own mockumentary W1A,” claims the Express, while the Mail pointed out it was “a move which could have come from a plot line to comedy show W1A” and The Times wrote: “BBC bosses have been accused of behaving like their comic counterparts in the show W1A.”

And then there was the controller of BBC One who put a lunch on expenses, which sounded “very W1A”, to The Times.  

Or how about the BBC paying professional services companies such as KPMG and Deloitte to do things like audit its accounts? Not the stuff of comedy you might have thought, but “critics likened the spend to something out of W1A” nonetheless according to the Mail.

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