Jerry Lewis joins Nicolas Cage, Elijah Wood in The Trust

jerry lewis

Potential for greatness or a recipe for disaster? Nicolas Cage and Jerry Lewis in a film together. It could go either way. Luckily Elijah Wood and Sky Ferreira are in the mix, but who knows what we will end up seeing. A lot depends on what aspect of Cage we get ? cool, acting well Cage or shouty, pointy, twitchy Cage?

The film is called The Trust and it sounds like quite a cool heist movie.

Cage and Wood play two corrupt cops who are stuck working the evidence room of the Las Vegas police department. When one discovers there is a vault full of drug money sealed in the back of a convenience store, both cops team up to pull a heist.

Lewis is set to play Cage?s father.

Ben and Alex Brewer are directing.

Having recently tried to watch Jerry Lewis in Slapstick of Another Kind (a truly terrible film. Don?t even try and watch it) I am really not sure what to expect. I need to go watch The King of Comedy again.

Source: Deadline

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