Leaked ?non-target? list shows Tories waving white flag to UKIP

Tory white flag to UKIP

The Tories? claimed ambition to form a non-coalition government at the forthcoming election have been dealt a body blow, with analysis of CCHQ?s list of ?non-target seats? by Scrapbook showing they have given up on several constituencies required form a working majority. These include the Conservative/UKIP marginals of Rochester & Strood and Boston & Skegness ? both of which the party held in May 2010 and one of which has a sitting Tory MP!

In what has been described by ConservativeHome as a ?schoolboy error?, someone from the Tory HQ web team decided to upload images of certain Westminster hopefuls into a folder called ?non target candidates?, giving everyone a sneak peak of seats they reckon are either super-safe or no-hopers.

Suffice it to say UKIP are cock-a-hoop.

And with the Tories currently 20 seats short of a majority, others include:

  • #23 Plymouth Moor View (Labour majority 1,588)
  • #25 Eltham
  • #26 Walsall South
  • #32 Exeter
  • #35 Oldham East and Saddleworth
  • #37 Luton South
  • #38 Bridgend

With ?real? target seats being saturated with direct mail, this likely confirms the what local politicos already suspected.

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