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What a week in tennis! Andy Murray has scooped his second Wimbledon victory after beating Milos Raonic, not only securing a victory for himself and the country but inspiring children everywhere to get excited about the sport.

This weekend, the 16th & 17th July 2016 is the Great British Tennis Weekend #GBTW and BritMums has been working with the Lawn Tennis Association to help spread the word far and wide to introduce new players to the game. Our bloggers ? some sporty, some not ? have been booking free tennis sessions, playing cardio tennis and getting their families involved. They have encouraged newcomers to the game and had some fun experiences which they have shared on their blogs.

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If you have wondered what it is like to play tennis or you are keen to get your children involved, now is the best time. You can find a free tennis activity near you here and book onto a session during #GBTW or throughout the summer.

Here are some of the posts from BritMums? bloggers.

Quiet Please. It?s The Great British Tennis Weekend. Ace!

Will you be joining in this Great British Tennis Weekend?

Great British Tennis Weekend #GBTW

An after-tennis snack

Plus we love these Matcha Coconut Energy Balls from Veggie Desserts ? certainly they?ve got to be an ace snack after playing tennis!

Photo credit: Kate Hackworthy, Veggie Desserts

Picture: Kate Hackworthy, Veggie Desserts

You can also follow the #GBTW hashtag on social media to find even more posts from this campaign!

BritMums is working with the Lawn Tennis Association on their #GBTW campaign. Sign up for your FREE tennis activity here: http://bit.ly/BritMumsLTA

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