Lumo ? The Cycling brand that wants you to be ride with style by Keanu Adorable

mens parka_outside old brick wall_webThe popularity of cycling has skyrocketed the past few years, more and more people are opting to choose pedal power to commute to work rather than being crushed by the rush hour trains and buses. And with the popularity also comes the issue of road safety, and one brand that?s trying to keep cyclists safe but also look stylish, is Lumo. The brand was started out in 2014 after a Kickstarter campaign created by Doug Bairner. The brands aim is  ?to encourage more people from around the world to enjoy the freedom of their city on two wheels.?

The British lifestyle brand LUMO has just launched its debut collection of jackets and bags designed to make city cyclists safer on their bikes and more stylish off them. The launch range, The London Collective, features jackets and bags that increases cyclists? visibility, but can be turned off whenever you?re not on a bike. LUMO take design inspiration from classic British outer-garments and bags and integrate wearable technology with cycling firmly in mind. The London Collective jackets and bags are made with LUMO Glow LED lights that increase your visibility to traffic, yet are completely concealed until switched on. Using fabrics that wouldn?t look out of place in an aspirational designer clothes store yet come straight from a science lab, you will look and feel as good riding a bike as you will walking into a bar.


Take a look at their new website and browse though their products.

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