March Video Round-up: It?s Spring, time to do stuff!

videoAt the end of this month it is officially British Summer Time again! Our days get longer and this gives us more chance to do stuff? maybe vlog?

If you haven?t joined us vloggers yet, why not grab a camcorder and give it a go? I?m always looking to promote your vlogs on this BritMums Video Round-up so don?t forget to Tweet me your links at any time of the month and I can use it in the next available round-up.

This month I showed you how to inflate a helium balloon and I also supplied a great video resource for writers. The writer in these vlogs is Cesca Major ? an author who loves to help out other authors with her great tips!

Fiona from Coombe Mill blogs about her ?Screenager? this month ? something many of us can relate to. The post contains a video made by her son. Check it out here.

Here?s Jane Batt?s boy from Practically Perfect Mums. Light as a feather or strong as an ox ? you decide! I say he is both- he has wonderful control and you can watch him on YouTube.

Kara from Chelsea Mamma went to West Bay, Dorset where some of Broadchurch was filmed!
You can read her post and watch the video.

Nisbah and her family went to Crocky Trail, Chester and enjoyed some good old fashioned outdoor fun! Watch what they got up to.

Laura at Chez Mummy has done a two parter this month. In the first video she shares her ideas for keeping little ones quiet on long haul flights. Then, you can watch the second video to see if her children did actually behave on the flight to Orlando!

Please visit each others posts and comment ? remember, sharing is caring! Also don?t forget that we are featuring both your videos embedded into blog posts and / or your videos on YouTube now?. Send me the link to whichever you wish to promote!

Next month it is Easter so we are having a little break, which means the Video Round-up will be back in May. This gives you loads of time to whip out the camcorder and record us something! Why not share what you got up to at Easter in the school holidays?

Whatever you do, get your entries to me by Friday 15th May 2015. You can tweet me, @Businessmum, or email me through my blog JuggleMum.

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Nadine is a busy working mum (?Is there any other kind?!?) who has a fascination with time management which borders on the obsessive! She loves to find more effective ways of doing the daily juggle whilst enjoying the journey and has lots of practise through raising her two children, managing her small businesses, being a best-selling author, running her home, public speaking and finding time to get to the gym! Nadine loves updating her blog JuggleMum and vlogging on her YouTube channel allows her to pretend she is on the telly! She can also be found on Pinterest, G+, Facebook and Instagram but her favourite social media site is Twitter where she is Businessmum. You could say she’s an internet junkie! You can learn more about Nadine at

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