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Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Sepang International Circuit, 2015In the round-up: Mercedes? executive director Toto Wolff says the manufacturer is open to increasing F1 engine power levels by increasing the maximum fuel flow rate but says a decision needs to be taken soon.


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Wolff fears being ?run over? regarding 2017 rules (F1i)

“We are pretty easy on the fuel flow. If you increase the fuel flow because there are arguments in favour of it, more power and more noise, then this is one of the tools you can use but clearly increasing the fuel flow means redesigning crucial and major bits and pieces of the engine. So we need to know earlier than later.”

F1?s 2016 season to begin in April ? the latest start since 1988 (The Guardian)

“Formula One?s 2016 season will begin in April at the Australian Grand Prix and will be the latest start to the championship since 1988.”

Baku grand prix set for July slot (Autosport)

“Formula 1’s newest grand prix in Baku looks likely to get a July date next year as part of a tweaked 21-race 2016 schedule being considered by the sport’s bosses.”

Die Rennen sind langweilig geworden! (Bild – German)

Former F1 driver Timo Glock says the sport has become boring and is dominated by whoever spends the most money.

F1 Reveals That It Sponsors Young Drivers (Forbes)

“From time to time, we sponsor GP2 and GP3 drivers to encourage the development of the sport in key markets.”

Where is Whitmarsh now? (MotorSport magazine)

“Ron told me what he was going to do and within five minutes I?d walked out of the building.”

McLaren: New approach has transformed upgrade success (F1)

“Over the last couple of seasons, the team slightly lost its way aerodynamically. It became obvious that if we’d carried on with the previous concept, there’d only be so much we could achieve.”

Audi: Motoring giant ‘has no plans to enter Formula 1’ (BBC)

“The current situation is that Audi definitely has no intention to enter F1.”


Comment of the day

Mark Webber?s recent assessment of F1?s problems provoked a lot of discussion:

The difference between WEC and F1 is that the former sells itself by proudly showcasing its technology whereas the latter cant seem to go a full week without berating itself.

F1 hates itself, how can it expect fans to love it?

Are the races boring/processional now compared to ten years ago? It?s probably about the same in my opinion. However, the difference is DRS. In the past, we have seen close racing with the driver ahead having the ability to defend, and in some cases the defensive element was an art form. And when a pass did happen, it was often brilliant.

Today, passing is pretty easy for a quicker car behind, but its proven to be not as straightforward when racing an equally competitive car. The scrap between the Mercedes at Bahrain last year and Alonso-Vettel at Silverstone are good examples.

If I had a choice, I would pick the 2004-2005 V10 with bucketloads of downforce. Why? Just like the Comment of the Day says, you knew that they were streets ahead (probably more) of any racing car out there, and like Webber said yesterday, you needed balls to take the quick corners flat.

I am still a big fan of F1 today, my interest has not waned in the 16 years I have been watching, but its always nice to see clips on youtube from a decade ago. To echo Webber again, I want an F1 thats a lot quicker than anything else out, I want drivers who need to go balls to the wall, I want it to be physical, I want higher cornering speed (Eau Rouge taken proper flat).

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On this day in F1

Damon Hill moved into the lead of the championship 20 years ago today by winning the San Marino Grand Prix. It was the first F1 race held at the remodelled Imola track following the deaths of Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger the year before.

Here?s the start of the race:

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