Mixed Media Heart Collage

It is looking very bare and gloomy in our hallway, now that our Christmas decorations are a distant memory. So some love themed art work, already for Valentine?s Day, is just what we needed to cheer up our walls. I love to get all 3 of my kids involved in as many of our arts and crafts projects as I can and creating collages together, is a great way to achieve this. My kids worked really well together to create our Mixed Media Heart Collage. I knew I was onto a winner when I picked their favourite ways to paint and create for this project, bubble painting and shaving foam painting.

Bubble Painting Hearts

Mixed Media Heart Collage for Kids! A lovely Valetines Day project for little ones (2)

Bubble painting is our go-to activity when the kids are feeling a bit grumpy, as it is guaranteed to get them all giggling together again. It can get a bit messy though, but by the end of the session they are all in such a good mood again, that they don?t (usually) mind helping to clean up afterwards.

We mixed together ½ a cup of water, a squidge of washing up liquid, along with a squirt of red paint and gave it a good swish around with a straw.

After a quick reminder to blow and not suck through the straw, they were off creating bubbly mayhem to print over their  sheets of white paper.

Once their paintings had dried out, we drew around a small heart cutter and cut out 9 hearts, ready for sticking onto our collage.

Shaving Foam Painting Hearts

Mixed Media Heart Collage for Kids! A lovely Valetines Day project for little ones (1)

We love to explore the silky smooth texture of shaving foam in our activities and adding paint into the mix, ups the fun several more notches.

I squirted shaving foam into a deep tray and drizzled red and pink paint over the top of it.

The kids got stuck in with a lolly stick and gently swirled the mixture around until the paint had left a lovely trail behind it through the shaving foam. The then pressed large paper hearts down into the mixture before, leaving them to completely dry.

Creating our Mixed Media Heart Collage

Mixed Media Heart Collage for Kids! A lovely Valetines Day project for little ones (3)

To use along with our 9 shaving foam hearts and 9 bubble painted hearts, we cut out 9 medium sized hearts from red paper and 9 pink rectangles from thin pink card.  It was then time to get gluing and sticking our  Heart Collage together.

There was a little jostling around for who got to stick which heart on (it wouldn?t be the same without a little sibling rivalry) but they managed to pull it altogether and our collage is now brightening up the January gloom in our hallway.

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