Mums & Tots Round-up: A new year, fresh start & new goals

Mums&Tots 610With the New Year looming and January just around the corner we have been thinking, and talking, a lot here at Monkeyfeet HQ about new goals and aims. Things we would like to do better, things we would like to do more of, like bike riding and discovering our English Heritage sites, being kind and giving more. We sound idyllic don?t we? Well don?t be fooled we also would like to shout less, tidy more and fight with our siblings less!

This got me thinking about how differently parents look at new year resolutions. Speaking to my parent pals, the theme running through most of their aims for the new year focus around routines and lifestyle.

  • ?I must get little man eating more fruit? ?
  • ?We are going to introduce more family focused mealtimes?
  • ?Sleep! definitely a better sleep routine?
  • More independent play
  • We would like to help her read more

So the theme goes on, and with that in mind I want to dedicate my first round-up to parent tips, life hacks development help and routine hints.

I loved this idea from Life as Mrs R of ways to help your kids eat more variety at meal time. I know my kids can sometimes be picky at the oddest times, eating things at school that they point blankly refuse at hoome! With sleep mentioned so much in my chat to parents I thought this post from Motherhood : The Real Deal   was one worth a read,  often the afternoon nap is the first thing that gets  blame for any sleep issues but its important to remember good day time sleep leads to good night time sleep, plus reason number six, always reason number six ?..

Family Fever has been discussing ways to help your toddler develop their speech, which is always a magical although sometimes comical and frustrating time

If you find your new goals involve the need for a bit more time away from playing dress up or play-doh here are some fab ideas from Mum In a Nutshell to keep your toddler occupied for 5 minutes, so you can load the washer, empty the bins or just hide in the cupboard eating chocolate ha ha.

And when all your new enthusiasm for a streamlined life and super organised household leaves you feeling like you are fighting a losing battle and  its all gone a bit wrong, this post from Make Do and Push will help you remember you are not alone, it takes us all 4 hours to leave the house sometimes but all progress is good progress and remember its not always the destination that?s important, the journey no matter how bumpy can always offer just as much joy!

If you have any parent and tot related posts you?d like to share, holler at me on social media, email me at [email protected] or add your link below.

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