My Favourite Grooming Products – David Olsen, vice president of global beauty & grooming, MR PORTER.COM

imageToday sees the launch of a new feature where we ask key industry figures to let us in on those essential items they couldn?t live without. The subject of today?s feature is David Olsen, vice president of global beauty & grooming for both NET-A-PORTER.COM and MR PORTER.COM. In his role, Olsen oversees the global beauty and grooming planning, buying, sales, marketing and communication functions, for the group. Olsen has a Bachelor of Arts from UC Berkeley and a JD/MBA from the University of Miami.

1) Czech and Speake-manicure setimage

Having nice, clean looking nails is a must, especially when you are in front of clients day in, day out. This set is the highlight of our Czech & Speake collection ? it?s premium, unique and can be easily packed away in a suitcase.

2)  Aesop-Dapper Gentleman


Aesop collaborated with us to design this bestselling exclusive. The kit includes the products every man needs to freshen up tired skin.

3) D R Harris-Arlingon kit

imageD R Harris has been around since 1790. That says it all. When I have time for a proper shave, this is my go-to brand. The products are well made and the Arlington scent is classic and refreshing.

4) Patricks Pomade


Patricks hair product range is truly one-of-a-kind. The packaging design is unique ? it features a double lock system so the package doesn?t open while travelling, dimensions inspired by the Fibonacci sequence, and a no-slip rubber grip system ? that it?s easy to forget that the pomade contains a hair loss prevention compound.

5) Bigelow-Rose Salve


This is the ultimate skin defense for the UK?s cold temperatures. C.O. Bigelow has been a Manhattan institution for over 100 years. I can always rely on them for quality products, with a rich and old-New York feel.

6) Pankhurst-Silver Fox Shampoo


I?m counting on this product to help me age gracefully. Pankhurst?s award-winning formulations and handsome packaging will take you straight back to the Bentley-designed barber chairs of their Carnaby Street Shop.

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