New Suicide Squad Toy Reveals More Of The Joker’s Tattoos

Joker Toy Diamond Comics

With just a couple of months before Comic Con hits San Diego, some little pieces of information have started to appear on what we can expect to see there.

Thanks to a preview from toy makers Diamond Comics, we know that Jared Leto’s Joker is going to be there – at least in plush form. Their upcoming line, which will appear at SDCC features a 10 inch plus of the Suicide Squad character, which also shows off a couple of new tattoos…

Joker 1 Diamond Comics Joker 2 Diamond Comics

His only child? Is the Joker suggesting he’s Jesus?

The line of toys also includes are Arkham Knight’s Harley Quinn, A Batman: The Animated Series bust and a new Captain Marvel. The find comes courtesy of CBM, who were notified of the toy preview by a reader.

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