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Hello! I?ve been busily working on Bootstrap so the blog has been a bit quiet lately ? but here?s something I have been desperate to share for a while! The Kickstarter edition of Bootstrap will be illustrated instead of photographed, inspired by the old cookbooks like Mrs Beeton, Dorothy Hartley, and a lot of the 16th century cookery books I have found in the British Library on my research trips.
I have always dreamed of doing an old fashioned illustrated cookbook and
although I am not very good at ?art? I am adding a few of my own (the rest will be by proper independent illustrators, at the moment they are all Southend based and from the Estuary Fringe Festival ? a co-operative of local mavericks and troublemakers I am proud to call my friends.) If I need any more doodles and squiggles I will put a shout out ? I may need some for my blog going forward.
Anyway, enjoy, these are my efforts, none of them finished.

1: All Of My Spoons Tell Stories

2: A Few Of My Favourite Things

3: Pantry


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