Pipe Cleaner Bunny Craft

Sneaking in another cute little Easter craft for you.. as I can?t resist making some fun little bunnies? here we have some pipe cleaner bunnies, that are quick and easy to make? I can imagine a whole set of these bouncing around the house. It is probably one of the simplest pipe cleaner bunny crafts that you can make, so take a peak and let me know what you think!

DIY Pipecleaner Bunny Craft

Simple Pipe Cleaner Bunny ? Materials

  •  two standard length pipe cleaners
  • Wooden beads (ours are 15mm in diameter (I found some here for UK Readers ? and 20mm ones here for US readers ? affiliate links))
  • Pens
  • Scissors

How To Make Simple Pipe Cleaner Bunny

DIY Pipecleaner Bunny Crafts

Take your first pipe cleaner and bend two loops to form the ears for your bunny craft.

Simple Pipecleaner Bunny Craft

Snip JUST below these to loops (if you want to can give them a quick twist first).

Then take the LONGER 2nd pipecleaner ? fold it in half and hook it OVER the ears. (keep the left over bit from before to make a second pipe cleaner bunny)

Easy Pipecleaner Bunny Craft

Thread the long pipe cleaner through the bead ? securing the bunny ears in place.

Easy Pipecleaner Bunny Crafts

Now you can form some little arms ? left and write.

Give them a little twist to secure them.

Simple Pipecleaner Bunny Crafts for Easter

Make a short body for your pipe cleaner bunny.

Then form two little bunny legs.

Simple Pipecleaner Bunny Craft for Easter

Wrap the remaining pipe cleaner around the bunny?s body ? this is to fatten it up a little.

Using a fine pen that doesn?t run on untreated wood, add your bunny face details.

Simple Pipecleaner Bunny Craft for KidsFinally add some little pink cheeks.. say aaaah.

And your pipe cleaner bunny is finished! How easy was that?! Hope you a have lots of fun!

Or watch the how to video:

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