Pirelli to present result of Vettel tyre investigation | 2015 Belgian Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari, Spa-Francorchamps, 2015Pirelli has concluded their investigation into the cause of Sebastian Vettel?s tyre failure during the Belgian Grand Prix.

?We have finalised the investigation into Sebastian Vettel?s tyre at Spa,? said motorsport director Paul Hembery. ?Detailed conclusions from the technical analysis will be presented at Monza.?

Pirelli previously said Vettel?s tyre failure was wear-related. In a statement released following the Belgian Grand Prix F1?s official tyre supplier pointed out it had advised F1 to introduce a rule limiting the number of laps drivers were allowed to do on each compound, but the recommendation had not been adopted.

Vettel said the failure, which occurred on the penultimate lap of the race, should not be blamed on Ferrari?s decision to attempt to complete the race while making only one tyre stop.

Pirelli is bringing the compounds used at Spa to this weekend?s race at Monza. ?We have the medium and soft compounds, a step softer than our nomination last year, which should be well suited to Monza and the emphasis on speed that this circuit always places,? said Hembery.

?We?re expecting a fair degree of wear and degradation, so as always the work done during free practice will be very important when it comes to calculating the optimal strategy. With the two compounds potentially quite closely matched in terms of pace, this opens up a few options.?

2015 Belgian Grand Prix

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