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poetry2 thumbnailAh June, what a month that was
Politicians and all their faux pas
Ah June, was a month you?ve been
The likes of which we?ve never seen!
                          Victoria Welton 1st July 2016

Well, I don?t know about you but after the month that we have all just had, I am exhausted! Of course, there was the fall-out from the referendum (which MS Calling expressed her feelings on), the kids are starting to wind down for the end of the school year (by getting even busier it seems!) and BML16 came and went. You can read about the lead in on my poem Ode to BML16 ? and I was thrilled to be able to read my poem ?For the Love of Blogging? as one of the Blogger Keynote Speakers. One of my fellow keynote speakers, Tim from Slouching Towards Thatcham, writes fabulous parodies as you may have heard and I particularly enjoyed the BML one he did to the tune of ?Let It Go?! 

One of the many things I love about poetry is the fact that it covers life in all it?s forms ? whether it be difficult, happy, sad, reflective or amusing. My co-editor, Maddy from Writing Bubble, proves this theory in her poem ?The Uplifting Power of Words?.

The first piece of prose is from Otilia at Gold Sprinkles. She shares with us the fact that she has forgotten how to be her, a dilemma that many mothers face. Kerry at All About a Mini Norris compares her postnatal depression to the weather, stating ?The thunder and lightening are battling each other. I can?t concentrate.?  Hannah at Make, Do and Push vocalises the pressure that is put on women to lose their baby weight ? and does it superbly. Louise from Little Hearts, Big Love compares dreams with reality in her Ode to Bedtime and I really enjoyed the way she has composed this and Teaching Tiny Minds shared her ?Thoughts? in a myriad of beautiful words.

There is more proof in my theory about poetry being beautiful for anything including a new toddler bed in the poem ?The Tale of Ted and his New Bed? over on Forget Me Knit, a musical parody about getting older in ?Seven Years of Middle Age? from Louise Minor, the curse of cellulite in ?The Dimpled Monster Has Struck? by My Real Fairy, a wedding anniversary from Ojos World and the first day of school from Words_Rhymes_Rambles.

In what has been a horrific month for senseless killing, some of the poets amongst us have shared their sorrow in their words.  Liv from Mrs Teepot poses the question ?Love Wins??and Jo at Fifty-Something Fruit Cake shares her words on the subject in a poem simply entitled ?Thoughts?. I think that the perfect subject for a poem as a result of this is ?What Do You Want For Your Children?? in which Lucy from The Parent Game started a poetry wave and asked others to add a verse to what she had written. A beautiful sentiment.

One of the linkys I really enjoy is The Prompt from Mum Turned Mom and it really does turn out some quality poetry as a result. One of her words for June was ?Dance? and not only did she write beautifully on this very subject but so did Lisa from Lisa?s Life, Cara from Oh We Do and Becky from Diary of a Fat-Bottomed Girl.

With the summer upon us, I thought that the piece of prose from Turning Up in Devon about the time they took part in the Open Gardens summed up rural village life brilliantly but whilst the summer may be here ? or at least teetering on the brink ? Sarah from Catching the Magic is about to face the winter down in New Zealand.

I don?t know about you but one thing I do love is a piece of fiction that keeps me wanting more. I have mentioned Tracey at One Frazzled Mum for this before but she has come up trumps again with her latest piece ?Be Careful What You Wish For?.

Finally, I can?t leave you without a mention for all us parents about to face the summer holidays. It is a time to really enjoy our children and, even though it means that they are under our feet a little more than usual, I am sure we wouldn?t have it any other way! My three for the summer are The Unsung Mum celebrating ?Magic Mummy Matriarchs?, Virtually All Sorts who writes a beautiful poem of make believe reminiscent of carefree days in the garden in ?It?s None of These, It?s A?? and Mumzilla gives us her version of Dr Seuss in The Mum with the Wine?.

So, all it remains for me to do is to say have a wonderful summer! Maddy from The Writing Bubble will be your editor next month.

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Victoria is a forty something Mum to charismatic Grace, partner to writer and actor Ross and lives in the beautiful countryside of Somerset. A copywriter and social media executive, she has been writing poetry and lyrics for years and has been lucky enough to perform two of her songs on stage. You can find her blog at Verily Victoria Vocalises. From there she runs a poetry link every Thursday ?Prose For Thought?. She is also a photography enthusiast, vlogger and occasional travel blogger.

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