Poetry & Prose Round-up: Summer dreams

clouds and sunshineIt?s August and I?m slap-bang in the middle of summer holiday chaos here! If you were to turn up at my house on any given day you?d probably encounter all three of my sons and several of their friends too, racing round the place, building campfires and climbing on things. I?m trying to find some quiet time amidst it all, while also making the most of having the boys around as in only a few short weeks they?ll be back at school.

Talking of school, as July drew to a close, many of us were feeling a certain nostalgia about the end of the academic year, and Victoria from Verily Victoria Vocalises captured this perfectly in this poem about her daughter?s last days at first school. I could certainly empathise with these feelings, as my eldest was also leaving his school behind. Louise from Little Hearts Big Love expressed similar feelings in this beautiful poem about her daughter growing up, as did Vai from Rambling Through Parenthood with this touching piece for her son?s fifth birthday. Meanwhile, Dawn from Rhyming With Wine expressed ? in her usual amusing style ? how she feels about her son?s current clinginess, and the poem?s beautiful ending brought a lump to my throat.

More chuckles were delivered by Right Royal Mother in her poem imagining Prince George as a difficult ?threenager? (That charming little chap? Surely not?!), by Slouching Towards Thatcham?s ?Mummy, Mummy, Mummy? ? a wonderful parody of an ABBA Song and by Baby Anon?s post about sleep, swearing and sick from a baby?s point of view. My Real Fairy also made me smile with her poem about being unable to speak for two days? while parenting two young kids (eek!) and Hillie?s fictional blog, Turning Up In Devon, was as hilarious as ever ? if you?re thinking of redecorating, she has some great ideas for paint colours: hippopotamus pant, anyone?

I also loved this powerful poem about memory from Luisa at Teaching Tiny Minds and this piece about the potential of each new day by Sara from Mum Turned Mom. Meanwhile Lisa from Lisa?s Life?s poem about a weekend away had me yearning for a stroll along the beach.

Over in the creative writing department, I?m pretty sure most of us will recognise what Mummy Here And There expresses in her poem about lost motivation, and I wonder if Sarah from Catching The Magic has the answer in this piece about taking a break from technology: I think it?s something we all need from time to time. Tracey from One Frazzled Mum wasn?t struggling for motivation though ? she?s penned four parts of a ghostly story and this latest bit was my favourite of all!

Finally, I think it?s good to acknowledge both the joy and the difficulties that parenting brings so this gorgeous poem from Cara at Oh We Do really chimed with me. I would also urge all mums of young kids to read this stunning poem by Abi at Like Real Life. Those times when you feel like no one understands or sees what you?re going through? They do. You are not alone. And that, in my opinion, is one of the loveliest aspects of the parent-blogging community ? the support, understanding and honesty that shines out of so many of your blogs and so much of your creative work. I love it.

I hope you enjoy reading this selection. Victoria at Verily Victoria Vocalises will be compiling next month?s round up so please feel free to tweet her (using the hashtag #BritMumsPoetry) if you have any poetry or prose you?d like to be included. In the meantime, I wish you all a lovely summer, filled with creativity and fun!

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