Quote of the day: Noel Gallagher on Farage, Cameron and Thatcher


The ageing but ever quotable rocker Noel Gallagher ?

On Nigel Farage:

He doesn?t look like he could be mentally capable of running a corner shop, far less a fucking country.

On the Tories:

David Cameron, he?s trying to be your mate. ?Oh, I really like The Jam.? Thatcher was just like, ?I?m fucking you in the arse, fuck what you say.? You can kind of respect that.

Some 18 years after he was hosted by Tony Blair at a ?Cool Britannia? reception in Downing Street, Gallagher told The Quietus that he will definitely be voting in May:

?I?ll pick the most ludicrous thing on the fucking ballot. Last time I voted for a little guy who was standing round here as a pirate.?

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