Rainbow Butterfly Cork Crafts

Welcome back to more crafty fun! Today, we have an adorable little cork craft, that is super easy for younger kids to make too (in fact, we will be doing this with Pip Squeak?s Reception class sometime soon!). These little cork bugs or butterfly corks are a great way to ?use up? some kids art, or you can make them using brightly coloured paper and make a set of Rainbow Butterflies. Either way this cork craft, makes for a great Spring or Summer Craft with the kids ? make a whole set and have lots of fun!

Kids Art Butterfly Cork CraftsButterfly Corks ? using kids? Art

Rainbow Butterfly Cork Crafts - a lovely recycled Spring CraftOur Rainbow Butterfly Cork Set!

Butterfly Corks ? Materials:

  • Corks
  • Googly Eyes
  • Paper (plain colours, or kids? art)
  • Pipecleaners
  • Scissors
  • PVA Glue

Butterfly Corks ? How To:

Summer Crafts - make cork butterflies1) Begin by cutting out your butterfly wings ? the easiest way to do this, is to fold your paper in half and cut ?almost? heart shapes out. Use kids? art to this, plain coloured paper, or white and get the kids to colour it in.. your choice!

Butterfly Crafts

2) Apply lots of glue in the middle of your butterfly wings and press them to the back of your cork.

Cork Bug Crafts

3) Now add the googly eyes to your butterfly cork. Cut a short piece of pipecleaner, bend it over and with lost of PVA stick it to the back of the cork. You can also make the butterfly antennae out of paper or card if you want to make this a ?super thrifty? project.

Butterfly Corks - spring crafts for kids

4) Add final details ? such a mouth!

Kids Art Butterfly Cork Crafts

5) Leave to dry fully and your Butterfly Cork Craft is FINISHED! Make lots and lots and lots.

You can also watch how to make these little butterflies on our video?. don?t forget to Subscribe to the Red Ted Art Channel!

Butterfly Corks ? Video How To:

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