Ranking Every Champion In WWE Right Now


Bid farewell to 2015 because the New Year is officially underway, and we are heading into it with a whole host of brand new champions in the WWE, compared to those we started off with just last January. In fact, if you count tag-teams as champions themselves and not their individual members, every champion in the company right now has won their respective title belt for the very first time in 2015.

Even more intriguingly, everyone apart from The New Day and Roman Reigns (counting his infamous 5:15 at Survivor Series) is in the midst of their first reign with said title. I guess you can take from that the fact that WWE is slowly changing to a new generation of stars, even if you don?t always realise it.

Another positive is the fact that very few of our current champs are bringing nothing to the table. Some may disagree, but a lot of the current titleholders are befitting of their reigns, and have something to offer their championship title for future winners to benefit from.

So which champions are doing their job and which are falling short? Here?s every current WWE champions today, ranked from worst to best;

8. Charlotte ? WWE Divas Champion


It?s disappointing that Charlotte came from being such a popular, dominant champion in NXT to become little more than a throwback to her father, Ric Flair, as the Divas Champion on the main roster. It?s as simple as that, Charlotte could be a huge name for the division if she was allowed to have her own personality, instead of recycling Flair?s ?Wooooooooo!? and basically riding his coattails all the way to a championship victory.

It?s not her fault, she more than made up for her limited experience with her athleticism and a desire to learn when she took over NXT, but upon debuting on Raw, Charlotte was instantly pinned with the title of ?Ric Flair?s daughter? and that was all she wrote.

Not only did Charlotte get grounded with such an unimaginative gimmick, but when she defeated the longest-reigning Divas Champion of all time, Nikki Bella to win her first title, WWE took it upon themselves to turn Paige heel instead of Charlotte for their upcoming rivalry. It was a dumb decision, firstly because Paige had way more support than any of the other Divas, and secondly because it led to WWE becoming desperate for people to get behind the rivalry, which then created the Reid Flair controversy.

The only glimmer of hope from Charlotte?s reign is the fact that it looks like she may finally be turning heel on her buddy Becky Lynch soon, which may allow her to have more character than she has shown thus far. It also gives a talented lass such as Becky Lynch an opportunity to strut her stuff and compete for the Divas Championship. Charlotte may win the match, but at least things will be different!

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