Ranking Summer 2016’s Video Games From Worst To Best

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2016 may be looked back upon as when the racial hate-spewing Trumpocalypse began in full, but for gamers, it’s been fantastic.

Not only did we start the year with the likes XCOM 2, Dark Souls 3, Firewatch and The Witness, but they were quickly followed up by The Division, DOOM, Uncharted 4 and the phenomenal Overwatch.

Contrastingly, the beginning of 2015 was remarkably stilted, its first couple of months only producing noteworthy flubs such as The Order: 1886 or Evolve, before The Witcher 3 dropped in May and finally kickstarted this generation in full. Since then, it’s been full steam ahead, as CD Projekt RED’s masterpiece heralded in the likes of Rocket League, MGS V: The Phantom Pain and Fallout 4.

That momentum has maintained to this day, and you need only look at the last few months to take stock of what an incredible generation it’s been so far. Yes, there are always missteps and I’ll cover them too, but once you start looking at everything in retrospect, worst turns to best pretty quick.

Now, for the sake of establishing some parameters for ‘summer’, the Met Office classifies it as beginning “on 1 June 2016 and ending on 31 August 2016”, which gives us a solid three months to play with.

What are the best and worst game of summer 2016? See if you agree with my ranking, and let us know in the comments!

18. Mighty No.9

mighty no 9 Comcept

By far the worst game of not just the summer but 2016 overall (unless something astoundingly cack emerges between now and New Year), Keiji Inafune’s return to the Mega Man franchise – because that’s what this was, in all but name – should have been welcomed with open arms.

And initially, it was – the Kickstarter obliterated its stretch goals and raised almost four million dollars, resulting in developers Comcept deciding to support every platform under the sun, alongside adding in pointless multiplayer elements that nobody wanted in the first place, just to ‘justify’ the money at hand.

Naturally, it all fell apart. Inafune started multiple other projects instead of focussing on MM9, the game’s launch trailer was one of the most pathetically misguided attempts at being “down with the kids” of all time, and the whole thing looked like a budget PS2 game made by someone who would struggle to even spell Mega Man, let alone code anything.

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