Santa Candy Sleighs (by Ellyn?s Place)

A few weeks ago, I spotted this rather ADORABLE Santa Candy Sleigh idea on Ellyn?s Place.. now my kids have put ?chocolate and sweets? on their Christmas wishlist.. so when I saw these DIY Chocolate Sleighs, I knew this was the perfect way to ?fulfill? their sweeet tooth wishes. I contacted Ellyn asked if was allowed to create a YouTube video of her fab idea and she said yes. In the end, I made my sleighs a bit differently to hers, so do check out Ellyn?s Candy Sleigh method versus mine and see which suits you best!

I think these Candy Sleighs are perfect for Stocking Fillers (as per my kids), but also a fab Secret Santa Gift Idea or a great fun raiser at the School Fair!

Santa Candy Sleighs - so fun and easy to make - what a great Stocking Filler or Secret Santa Gift Idea

To make these Santa Candy Sleighs, you will need:

  • Candy Canes
  • Chocolate bars of various sizes
  • Tape
  • Ribbon
  • *other extras* such a choco Santa and choc coins (but not essential!)

DIY Santa Candy Sleighs how to:

What do you think?! Aren?t they ADORABLE?! Do check out the rest of the videos in this very special Christmas Crafts video series!

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