Single Parent Round-up: Eating habits, Lent and what 3-year-old says

single parent round-upHello! Me again. Yup, it?s that time of the month again, where we look at what the single parent bloggers of the UK have been talking about.

It was Mother?s Day earlier this month, which was great for those single mothers who had someone to buy something for their child/ren to give them, but just another day for lots of us.  There were lots of Mother?s Day posts, but my favourite was this one from Gemma at Sunshine on a Cloudy Day ? just because of the photo of the two of them together! 

Ally at Messed Up Mum is having an interesting time with her son?s eating habits; can you offer her any advice?

I?m really excited to feature this post from Inside Martyn?s Thoughts. Not just because it features me (honest!) but because I think what Martyn is doing for Lent is a fantastic idea. It?s lovely to share links to other bloggers with his readers; there are so many of us that often really great blogs can pass entirely under our radars unless they?re shoved under our noses.

I loved this post from Niki at Play Travel Life; some of the things her three year old says are hilarious ? but the last one really made me really sad. I hope it was at the end because it?s not said as often as the others.

And finally, I leave you with this amazing post from Beau Twins about becoming a single mother. She could have been entirely forgiven for being down in the dumps and miserable, but while she probably felt pretty rubbish writing it, I love the positivity that shines out from this post. I think all single parents can relate to this post and how it feels to realise you?re going it alone, and I think everyone, single or not, could take something from the determination to be positive and not get bogged down in it all.

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