Star Wars: The Force Awakens ? 11 Best Moments

I have a GREAT feeling about this.

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It?s here. We now live in a galaxy with seven Star Wars films (or four if Jar Jar really upset you that much), and the unprecedented hype has proved to be absolutely worthwhile. If your heart rate has returned to normal after watching Episode VII, you?re coping better than I am.

In one sense, it would?ve taken a monumental effort from J.J. Abrams to mess it up. He already had the universe mapped out for him with some of the most iconic characters in film history, his job was to put it all in the right order, and he has completely delivered a film worthy of the Star Wars name.

The Force Awakens was perfectly balanced in so many ways, with a blend of dark action and beautiful humour, while the old characters were there for more than just cheap nostalgia and the new upstarts are already on their way towards gouging their names into our hearts.

One of the most exciting things about The Force Awakens is how the whole trilogy has now been set up. We?re looking at the bigger picture now, and once all three have been released, I?m confident we?ll look back and see Episode VII as this generation?s A New Hope. That?s a mighty compliment, but it?s completely justified by the enormous grin that was splattered across my face for the entire film.

And, to highlight just how awesome it is, here are the best moments of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. If you haven?t seen the film yet, I can?t encourage you enough to stop what you?re doing, enjoy the film, then come back. MAJOR SPOILERS are about to happen?

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