Take the unpredictability out of the Summer ? Blauer?s Electric Heat Generator jacket

imageThere are many things you expect from the Summer Weather, early morning frost and being able to see your breathe when you exhale are not two of them, but this morning sure enough these omens welcomed me. With this unpredictability in mind, I, regretfully, welcome this new product with open arms, as I place mine through it?s sleeves.

American Brand, Blauer, famous for supplying the uniforms to not only the U.S. Mail Service but many of the Police Departments of this great country. Launches a new down jacket, unique and innovative: the first jacket which heats itself !!!!! Yeah, like having a great, big electric blanket wrapped around you, kinda.

The inner lining of this futuristic, hi-tech jacket hides an innovative generator, the ? E.H.G. ( Electric Heat Generator) which through you can warm up the down jacket and keep warm even in cold conditions,

To activate the E.H.G, simply press the button on the chest of the jacket just below the Blauer logo. This will immediately generates heat. It will also be possible to choose the intensity, with three levels of adjustment.

Blauer is very proud to offer this real revolution in the industry of clothing, thanks to the wonder that is E.H.G, hidden inside a three-layer fabric soft , thin, foldable and washable. Previous technology used a stiff carbon fibre like yarn which made the component stiff and breakable when bent.

The exclusive three-layer structure makes this technology so winning: the first layer, a fabric printed in terahertz , supports to reflect body heat, the second is a heat retaining fiber with soft hand feel while the third layer, made ??of aluminum non-woven fabric , helps to trap in the heat.

So much attention is paid to safety, thateach garment is equipped with antistatic tapes to avoid any static electricity; also the logo switch and cord are securely covered to avoid any leak in electricity.


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