Tales of the unexpected- Tales of Thread


One of the real qualities of living in a vibrant, cosmopolitan, modern city like London is its ethic diversity and the delicious melting pot of cultures and arts which it serves up. One such contemporary example of this is Tales of Thread. A Luxe British/Ghanaian start-up which creates beautiful nightwear, ethically sourced for well travelled, design conscious folk.

Founded by Rebecca Fordham, who found herself travelled for long periods of time, as part of her job, often with a minimum of personal kit and in a multitude of climates. She realized there was a gap in the market for multi-purpose, easy-to-care for sleepwear featuring unique designs in the best possible materials, created in a transparent, positive and sustainable environment. The idea was to launch a brand which celebrates pan-African arts and design. The brand is inspired by her passion for textiles and a desire to create something beautiful wrapped up in her twenty-year love affair with the continent.

Inspired by the rich Textile heritage, which is central to the brand ? the people and culture behind it ? the first collection is inspired by Ghana?s Ashanti culture. Patterns include a beautiful fern motif that references the traditional Adinkra symbols found on pottery across the country, a bold geometric drawing on Ghana?s famous woven kente cloth, and a striking wave print.

imageTraditional arts and design methods such as batik wax and screen-printing are used to create the limited edition, hand printed quality pieces. Details include French seams, contrast piping, pockets and natural shell buttons. They are packaged in handmade laundry bags made from locally sourced cotton and recycled glass beads.

Tales of Thread is challenging the garment and fashion industry to improve their standards through a transparent and ethical supply chain. Made in female owned factories and workshops in Accra, Ghana, providing employment to 45 people. The predominantly female work force are paid above market wage and produce the garments in safe working conditions.

The collection includes pyjamas, nightshirts, camis and elegant kimono inspired lounge robes. Made from a super-soft blend of organic cotton and silk and designed with the belief that loungewear ought to be as elegant and wearable as daywear.


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