The art and precision of a Wet Shave but all from the comfort of your own home ? Spicebomb Barbershop Range

imageOver the last 5 years we have seen nothing short of a renaissance in traditional wet Shaving. Demand for a shave using such practiced tools as a cut throat razor, has gone through the roof, thanks to the gentlemanly delights of such visual iconic treats as James Bond?s infamous shaving scene in Skyfall or the suave look of the Mad Man of Sterling Cooper. Plus, due to the swing back in favour of men wanting to re-claim the Barber shop as a sanctuary of manliness, the art form of shaving has become en vogue again.

However, one small inconvenience has always plagued the experience of a traditional Wet Shave, you have to go to a Barber Shop to enjoy it. Well, that was until now, let me introduce you to the Spicebomb Barbershop, what promises to be the ultimate shaving ritual, all within the comfort of your own home, well bathroom, from eccentric European Design duo Viktor & Rolf.

Spicebomb, burst onto the grooming world, with its distinctive grenade bottle and striving for the perfect balance between strength and elegance. Once again this barbershop range captures this unique balance.

Spicebomb barbershop Preshave and Nourishing oil is the first step to the perfect shave. It softens the beard and prepares the skin for a close and comfortable shave, without leaving an oily residue. It is formulated with a unique blend of vegetal oils and suitable for all beard types, leaving the skin nourished and moisturised. This multipurpose oil can be used for both shaving and beard conditioning.

The next stage comes in the form of the non-foaming shaving cream, blended with spicebomb?s addictive sent this enables a smooth, easy and comfortable close shave supplying an optimal slide of the razor blade on the skin it has a soothing affect protecting against irritation.

This trinity of products is completed by the After Shave Balm to ensure moisture is encased and kept within the skin.


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