The crapocalypse is coming!

The Express managed to come up with not one, but two different cosmic doomsday scenarios on Saturday. First there was an alignment of the planets which promised “DOOM“:

Express apocalypse

And then an “ASTEROID” threatened to rain down space plague on humanity:  

Express apocalypse

In the case of the returning space plague, the Express informed us:

“The shocking revelation threatens to debunk one of the biggest chunks of British history and turn the world of science and academia on its head. And experts warn another collision with Earth could happen “at any moment” sparking an outbreak of disease capable of wiping out entire populations.”

The Express has taken to running a number of ridiculous ‘end of the world’ type stories in recent times. They seem to be the natural progression from their increasingly apocalyptic weather predictions and fortunately have proven to be about about as reliable.

part 4 Test and Tips

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