The futuristic Robin Hood movie gets a writer

robin hood

The Hollywood Gang have been working on a Robin Hood of the Future film for the past few years. In the past Jason Dean Hall (American Sniper) and then Michael Ross (The Throwaways) have had a crack at the screenplay.

Now they have got screenwriter Tony Lee to work on the project. According to THR, Lee is a relative newcomer to screenwriter having worked primarily in comics and graphic novels over the past decade, including titles such as Spider-Man, Doctor Who, Star Trek and MacGyver.

The film will be a ?futuristic reimagining of Robin Hood? and is set in a ?dystopian London with a rogue MI5 agent on a mission to avenge injustice.?

the films working title had been Robin Hood 2058, and while it is believed this might change Lee says he will ?stay faithful to the legend?s source material.?

I?m honestly not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand, the thought of setting Robin Hood in the future just seems like a silly thing to do. Yet that rogue MI5 agent on a mission to avenge injustice seems like a good way to go with it.

I think it will be worth keeping an eye on as there is some potential here.

What are your thoughts on the project?

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