The Walking Dead Season 6: 10 Questions We?re Asking After ?Twice As Far?

Has your heart-rate returned to a healthy speed?

Carol The Walking Dead
Gene Page/AMC

Well, I didn?t see that coming. Nor did Denise (too soon?). It was another solid outing for The Walking Dead to continue a consistent run of form and provided one of the most unpredictable moments of the season so far, with Denise?s outstanding speech cruelly cut short by a crossbow bolt through the skull.

It was an intense change of pace that ignited a firefight, and raised a whole barrage of questions about the show going forward. And that ending, what are fans supposed to make of that? The group have achieved a certain level of comfort, but Carol has fled, and Morgan?s beating himself up more than he would a walker in the street.

There are just TWO episodes to go in Season 6, with a lot of action left to happen, but what will they bring? Here?s the roundup of everything we?re asking after ?Twice As Far?.

10. Will The ‘Bullet Factory’ Idea Work?

Abraham Eugene The Walking Dead
Gene Page/AMC

Eugene?s plan to invest time into a munitions factory was actually a moment of total genius. It?s true that almost everything they possess, from food to clean water to electricity to clothes to petrol, is disposable and finite. They need sustainable sources of everything they use regularly, and the idea of being able to produce ammunition is outstanding.

It would be like printing gold. A bullet can save a life and take an enemies, it doesn?t even need to be used, with it?s mere presence enough to force the hands of the opposition. Being able to produce bullets would give Rick?s group IMMENSE power in the world, and once others? stocks die out, that command will only increase. The question is simple: will that ever become a reality?

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