Tory plan to ?force addicts into treatment? is completely unfunded

Disability benefit: spin and reality

The Tories? back-of-a-fag-packet proposals to force addicts in receipt of benefits to accept treatment are unfunded ? despite potentially costing millions to implement, Scrapbook can reveal.

According to the DWP?s own figures, nearly 90,000 people receive disability benefits where their drug or alcohol problem is their ?primary disabling condition?. The department admits this is likely to be an underestimate.

But when asked by Scrapbook what money would be made available to fund the required additional places in addiction treatment services ? which are already stretched (or in some areas virtually non-existent) following cuts ? a spokesman responded:

?Supporting people back into work is ? and will continue to be ? a priority for our health and care services.

The news comes after Buzzfeed reported comments from Health Committee chair Dr Sarah Wollaston that David Cameron would effectively be asking doctors to break the law:

?A doctor would not only find themselves in breach of the law, they?d find themselves at risk of being struck off?

?So in fact, his proposal is utterly unworkable in terms of the existing law.?

This stunt dressed up as a policy looks dead in the water.

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