Twin Peaks: The Return: 10 Most Wonderful & Strange Theories Examined

No exaggeration, now that we have reached the halfway point in Mark Frost and David Lynch?s nightmarishly ambitious Twin Peaks revival, we feel like our heads are pounding almost as intensely as those of the victims who perished at the hands of the skull-crushing woodsman in the last episode.

That?s because we seem to be getting more questions than answers, as the slow-motion murder mystery continues to unravel its web of circuitous intrigue, leaving viewers with a number of missing pieces inside their box for the world?s most difficult jigsaw puzzle.

Fortunately though, the internet is a breeding ground for wild theories, insightful interpretations and absurd speculation from fans of the show who stealthily access their wood-framed pop-up computer monitors just like Sheriff Frank Truman to dissect every episode immediately after it has aired each week.

By chance, over the course of the past two weeks we have been granted the opportunity to sit back with a damn fine cup of coffee and take stock of the most wonderful and strange things witnessed in season three of the groundbreaking series thus far.

So grab your golden shovels and join us, as we dig through all of the main theories in circulation ahead of the final ten episodes.

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