UKIP ?straight talking timber merchant? is actually party official on EU gravy train

Jamie Huntman register of interests

Ahead of his speech today in Castle Point, Essex, Nigel Farage praised the UKIP candidate in the seat, Jamie Huntman, as a ?straight-talking guy? who works as a ?timber merchant?.

Mr Huntman styles himself as simply a local businessman and has slammed politicians who have previously worked in politics saying they ?do not actually live in the real world they just occasionally visit it for political gain? and that they are ?all career and no conviction?.

Funny then, that Mr Farage neglected to mention that Mr Huntsman actually works for the UKIP MEPs in the region as a ?constituency manager? ? on the European Parliament payroll! His declaration of interests for Essex Council states:

?Constituency manager for the Eastern Region UKIP MEP?s in Essex (from 1/8/2014)?

In an amusing side note to the set piece speech, Nigel Farage?s Twitter account published the following picture, an unintentional metaphor for one of the principal internal challenges facing the party ? the antipathy between its leader and its most senior Conservative defector:

UKIP at Castle Point

It looks like a funeral in a warring family with the opposing parties on either side of the aisle ? and the clueless drunken uncle stuck in the middle.

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