Why you should make Seminyak your base on a Bali holiday

Close your eyes and imagine a place where the sunsets can take your breath away. Where white sand beaches stretch for miles, volcanoes rise majestically over the horizon, and where time slows to a snail?s pace shrouded in a relaxing and peaceful lifestyle. Imagine being in a place where nothing but beauty surrounds you and there are fascinating things to see and do every moment you are there. Now open your eyes ? you are in Bali!

You don?t just have to be at peace the whole time you?re in Bali. This province is littered with beaches, towns, temples and with so many outer remote islands to visit for those that want a true adventure.

Each Indonesian island has it?s own unique personality offering different styles, foods and attractions. With something to teach every adventurous spirited traveller that steps onto their shores. It?s the Balinese mantra and only you can discover it by visiting it firsthand. Bali is filled with fun, historical and interesting places, but there are few locations to spend your holiday that will tickle your senses more then the village of Seminyak.

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.Saint Augustine

Seminyak is a hip, energetic, stylish, and vibrant community in Bali that is not replicated anywhere else on the island. While the other islands and communities have a place in everyone?s heart and should have a place in a traveller?s itinerary, it may very well be that Seminyak is where you will find the vacation you dreamed of. When you want a touch of the exotic and unusual, but still want to be able to access all the creature comforts of home, then this is absolutely the place to be. You?d be amazed and impressed at what you can find to do here. Centrally located on pristine beaches, fueled by culinary mayhem (this is a good thing), eclectic shopping and memories to last a lifetime, this is Seminyak.

One of the best intangible features of Seminyak is her location. As mentioned, Seminyak is centrally located giving visitors access to virtually the entire island in any direction. Making Seminyak the ideal spot to set up home base during your Balinese holiday for launch off on multiple day trips around the gorgeous ?Island of the Gods?.

Simple but still adventurous day trips are a big part of any holiday or vacation jaunt. Seminyak has some amazing day trips that you can indulge into while on holiday. There is something in the way of day trips for absolutely everyone, whether your tastes run to something more cosmopolitan like exploring the town and all she has to offer in the way of arts, history, and culture, or if you want something a little more adventurous that will take you out into the breathtaking countryside that encompasses the island.

Day trips can be privately organized on your own, by tour guides, even in many cases, a local Balinese. Trust me, you?ll make lots of Balinese friends when you arrive and I can almost guarantee each one will offer to take you anywhere you want on the island. It?s just the kindhearted spirit that the Balinese possess. I only wish we could all bring some of that home with us, the world would be a much greater place.

Okay, so let?s go day trippin??

1. Echo Beach (Pantai Batu Mejan)

For those who truly seek adventure in the great outdoors when visiting Bali, you need look no further than this beautiful and very popular beach. Spend a relaxing day lazing on the mesmerizing black sand beach, or try your hand at hanging ten with the larger population of international surfers. This is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, with panoramic views and wonderful walking trails scattered throughout. There are photo ops all around, so be sure to bring your camera and your bathers because the water is as warm as the temperature. Once the day?s water sports, swimming, and sunbathing are over, opt for a fine meal at one of the fantastic restaurants nearby.

2. Bali Safari and Marine Park

For a bit of a walk on the wild side, take the family and enjoy the day at this wonderful combination theme park/water park/safari adventure. There is all day fun to be had here for children and adults alike. Spend your day observing the animals from the safety of motorized vehicles as they roam in amongst the inhabitants of this compound. If you?d rather not view everything from the seat of a vehicle, you also have the option of taking the tour on the back of an elephant. There are also shows and rides for everyone, and when you?ve had your fill of the wild critters, you can wind up your afternoon on the water slides in the waterpark, or go and visit the renowned Marine Park. Once the day?s activities are finished with, you can enjoy a great family meal at the Tsavo Lion Restaurant

3. Electric Bikes or Scooter Tours

Pretty much anywhere that is accessible by foot or car in Seminyak can be gotten to by scooter, electric bike, or motorbike. As this is a conventional mode of transportation throughout Bali, with Seminyak being no different, you can get your hands on a scooter with few problems. It?s a good idea to find out what kind of licensing or registration you need ahead of time. Most hotels or villas will be happy to set you up with what you need, and there is also always the option to rent one from one of the many available kiosks or shops on the street. For the most part, there are tour companies that provide day trips by scooter to the various sightseeing and city tours; many of the locals also hire themselves out as a tour guide, and will take you throughout the area, custom tailoring your day trip so you see only what you choose to see. Some of the highlights you can expect to see when you choose to tour the area by scooter includes visiting important temples, local scenic highlights, and local wildlife. Because there are so many options for this type of a day trip in Seminyak, there is no one company that specializes in one specific tour; this is often a tailor-made adventure, with your native guides showing you all their beautiful home has to offer.

The beauty of Bali is it has a knack of finding its way into your heart. How it gets there is up to Bali and you. With so many options, with so many places, with so many wonderful warungs and restaurants, beaches, villas, spas and tranquility. Bali offers the ultimate bundle package of happiness and well being. Though above anything else, it?s the people. In my eyes, Bali is love and love comes from the heart and the Balinese people have the biggest hearts in the entire world. Every journey to Bali is special and different for everyone. We should only be so honored every time we are in her graces.

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