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Force India, Mercedes, Williams, Lotus, Silverstone, 2015In the round-up: Toto Wolff says it could be better for F1 if Red Bull had Mercedes engines, but doubts it would be good for his team.


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Wolff admits conflict on Red Bull engine supply; sees ‘no reason’ for Ferrari move (James Allen on F1)

“If I wear my Mercedes Benz motorsport boss? hat and think about what is in the best interests of F1, then I have to say it?s (a Red Bull engine supply) an interesting option because it it would link us to a brand that has huge appeal among the young and it?s a winning brand.”

Ecclestone wants Renault works team (Autosport)

“They won’t take the (Lotus) debt on. They’re hoping the people that put the debt in will write the debt off.”

No plans to give Leimer race seat – Booth (F1i)

“Fabio did a great job actually, when he hasn?t been in a car since last October – apart from those electric things but you can?t really count those as cars can you – he did a fabulous job and we?ll probably give him another run out before long as well.”

Max Verstappen has boosted Formula 1, says father Jos (Motorsport)

“He (Massa) always makes comments. It doesn’t matter. It only makes Max more interesting when people like that start making comments about Max.”

Prost says being a team manager his ‘biggest mistake’ (Crash)

“I said to Ayrton (Senna), ‘You know, it would be funny one day if I had a team and you could be my driver. And we were laughing about that.'”

Correction: F1-Button burgled story (AP)

“In a story Aug. 7 about burglars ransacking the rented villa of Formula One driver Jenson Button, The Associated Press incorrectly reported the location of the villa. It was in Ramatuelle, not St. Tropez.”

British family claim they were also burgled at same villa where Jenson Button was ‘gassed’ (Daily Express)

“A British family of ten have revealed they were also the victims of burglary at the exact same villa two years ago.”

A female F1 champion? It?s just a matter of time (Sport 360)

“That gender divide doesn?t really come up. The boys look after the boys as much as the boys look after the girls and the girls look after the boys. Formula 1 is one of the only sports in the world that allows girls to line up and compete against men.”

Interview: Top Gear meets Taki Inoue, F1’s worst-ever driver (Top Gear)

“In my first Formula One race in Sao Paulo, Brazilian GP, I didn?t know what a pit stop is. No one told me.”


Comment of the day

Start, Hungaroring, 2015Are the potential dangers of the changes to the start systems which come into effect at the next race being exaggerated?

Everyone is bashing these starts without having seen one.

My take on this: nothing strange will happen and we?ll have a Hungary-like start with some people being of the line a bit quicker than others.

To the people saying these engines aren?t made to perform manual starts: if I remember correctly, Rosberg had to do a manual ?start? out of his pit-box during the race in Abu Dhabi last year. His engine didn?t explode.
Patrick (@Paeschli)

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Jack Brabham successfully defend his world championship crown by winning the Portugese Grand Prix at Porto on this day in 1960.

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