WWE And TNA: 7 Worst Moments Of The Week (April 3)

Here comes the money, here comes the pain!

the undertaker raw.jpg

Here we go, it?s WrestleMania time! It?s that special show we?ve been waiting all year for, and the show that WWE seems to have started booking about two weeks ago. We?ve got 11 matches at the event, with not one of them likely to top half the matches we saw at NXT: Takeover. Such is life, though. Still, it?s Mania, so we?ll be talking about what happened for years.

Well, the most ridiculous line of the week belongs to the 47-year-old Michael Cole calling the 46-year-old Shane McMahon ?A young man.? This means everyone on the roster not named the Undertaker are also strapping, young men.

Since this is WWE?s weekend, and with nothing overly offensive happening in TNA this week, we?ll exclusively focus on the ?E? for this edition. Also, to be positive for just one, brief moment, if you haven?t yet, go check out Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Sami Zayn. Then watch something bad like Kevin Nash vs. Mabel to get you in the worst of the week mood.

Now let?s not waste anymore time. This is the biggest wrestling weekend of the year, so let?s have some fun. Here comes the money, here comes the pain, and here comes WWE?s worst of the week!

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