You?ll Wish you were here ? Harry Stedman

imageHarry Stedman set sail for a true life of adventure. A Merchant seamen on the high seas. North and South America would leave an indelible influence as he discovered the clothes, music and culture of these countries.
The Harry Stedman clothing line was launched in 2011 and produces timeless pieces for a truly contemporary man. Harry himself was part of the British Army and his influences are inspired by his adventures all around the world. Embracing local culture from such diverse places as New York, South America and Africa, the brand has taken elements of these countries and translated into wearable attire. Due to Harry?s love of travel and exploration, South America was always going to be an inevitable stop and now serves as the latest inspiration on his transatlantic adventure of style.

imageThis season?s collection seeks to bring a touch of Latino flair, vibrancy and crafted garments. It?s multifaceted, taking influence from a range of South American cultural subsections from the Copacabana shirts seen worn down the beaches of Rio de Janeiro or posturing by the bar of South American club with a crushed ice Caipirinha in hand, to the Tropicalia style t-shirts seen hanging out in the streets of Mexico.

imageThe collection also features a number of lightweight jackets and bombers that are light enough to wear on milder summer evening whilst providing protection from any potential deluge. The jackets come in bright, exciting colours from the fire flash of orange bomber jacket, to the fresh and fun green Maracana coach jacket.


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